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Proposed Solutions for National and World Issues

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As a Senator, he should have known better. In 2009, Bernie tried to get a cap on the interest rates we pay on our credit cards. He could not get one Democrat or one Republican to support this extremely important protection for our people. Bernie could only get one Senator to endorse his run for President.


Bribery is rampant in our government and we need to learn how to stamp it out!

Bernie should not have run for President in the Democratic Primary. The sabotage of his campaign is proof that the Democratic Party no longer represents the 99%. Both parties have sold us out to the rich corporations and rich individuals.


Bernie not only ran for President in the wrong primary, but he ignored the need for a new third party which could have provided honest and talented candidates for all of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives and for the 30 open seats in the Senate. These candidates could have won many seats and could lead the way to winning majorities of seats in our federal government.

Citizens in other nations that faced the same corruption in their governments that we are facing- created Labour Parties that won majorities in their Parliaments. Once they won majorities, they provided FREE HEALTHCARE AND FREE COLLEGE TO THEIR CITIZENS. We need an American Labor Party that can do the same.

The Australian Labour Party, years ago, created a Minimum Wage that increases every year. Today, Australians enjoy a Minimum Wage of $17.29 per hour! Republicans do not support any kind of Minimum Wage. The Democrats pretend that they do, but the small print in their talking but not walking  exposes their phony promises. Their speeches say they will support a $12 or $15 Minimum Wage, but the small print exposes that the $12 or $15 MW would not be realized for at least 5 YEARS IF THEY EVER EVEN VOTE FOR SUCH A RAISE. There would only be small increments for each of the 5 years. Meanwhile inflation would negate these meager raises. And up to today, the MW of $7.25 is stuck in the mud of corruptive favors to their rich corporate donors who do not want any kind of MW passed. 


We need to stop all of our wars around the world and become a nation of peace. We could then use the war money to pay for an expanded Social Security, pay for Medicare for every American, and pay for a better public school system.

We need to make the IRS a much more powerful agency that will stop the tax dodging by the rich corporations and rich individuals. Trillions of untaxed dollars are being hidden in foreign banks. We need the IRS to penalize these criminal acts and send the perpetrators to jail. Rich corporations should pay their taxes just like our small businesses do. Rich individuals should pay their taxes just like the 99% pay theirs. We need honest and talented Labor Party candidates to pass laws that repeal all of the crooked loopholes that have enabled this tax dodging. This would result in trillions of dollars that also could be used to help our 99% ! And used to build job building clean energy programs that will help stop Climate Change.


We need to have a Labor Party that works 24/7 to push our issues and make sure our Labor Party candidates stay loyal to the 99%. We should create committees in each state that get our Labor Party on the ballots, and require all of our LP candidates to sign pledges that require them to support and vote for the needs of the 99%. We must force the Media to publish the daily votes cast by all of our representatives in federal and state government. There must be transparency injected into our governing bodies of government. WE, the People must pay attention to these daily votes, and push our Labor Party to monitor every vote cast by our LP candidates. We then will be assured that we, the People, are being represented in our federal and state governments.

The Gallup polls of 2013 and 2015 showed that 60% of voters favor a third party to vote for! Both major parties are losing registrations. The unaffiliated registered voters outnumber the Democrats and Republicans in many states! Poll after poll have indicated that the 99% do not trust either the Republican or Democratic party. The crowds that went to see Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were proof that the people want changes NOW!


I am a life long Democrat who has learned that the Democratic Party no longer represents the 99%. I am 86 years old and a little deaf, but I would go anywhere to speak about our starting the construction of a strong  and honest Labor Party. Please email invitations to  I would need financial assistance for my travel expenses, but I do not expect to receive any speaking fees. I gave many speeches when I won the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in Maryland in 1984, and won the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in California in 1988.

After my speeches, cards could be given to people in the audience to write their questions, so I can reply to them. I have no interest in soliciting any money to my web site. I would like to act an advisor to the Labor Party, to make sure our candidates are honest and talented. The wages for members in the House or Senate are close to $200,000. and the pensions and perks are very generous. So recruiting candidates can be very successful, if we are careful in our selections.


Howard M Greenebaum, author of 3 books about the corruption in our government.







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