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Proposed Solutions for National and World Issues

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 "The Solution to save all American Workers"  

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This Book can save our jobs and save our country!


    by Howard M Greenebaum

Bold Thoughts
This is an example of the many cartoons in this book- by award winning cartoonist, Justin DeFreitas



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NOTE:  The ideas in this book need to be read by all Americans! We all should share in the prosperity of our country - NOT just the top 2%. We can share when we read how to in this book.



ATTENTION: University & College Students is now introducing a much needed section dedicated to University Students!


No Matter What Your Major – your future will be affected by the kind of government we have.


In recent history students in many nations have led their people to important changes.


In 2016 all of us who vote will be deciding whether we want the current government of KILLING – or – A NEW government of CARING!





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Author's Note


This book will change your life!


Read it now & please tell your friends to read it too!




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