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Proposed Solutions for National and World Issues

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There is only one honest candidate

in the Democratic primary, and he

is Bernie. In 2009, Bernie tried to

get a cap put on the interest rates

we pay on our credit cards. Bernie

could not get one Democratic or

Republican Senator to support

protecting us from these high

interest rates.


Hillary Clinton received more

money than any Democrat or

Republican candidate from the

Defense industry! She is very

popular with the bomb industry,

because she was the first

Secretary of State to remove

the ban on sales of  weapons

to the Mid East. She received

$10 million dollars from Boeing

and the Saudi government for

allowing a $29 billion sale of

US bomber planes and US cluster

bombs to the Saudis. The US is the

only nation who has not signed a ban

on cluster bombs!


Hillary is responsible

for the Saudis  dropping thousands of

these horrible bombs on the defenseless

civilians in Yemen! Let’s vote for a

peace candidate, not a war candidate.







ATTENTION: University & College Students is now introducing a much needed section dedicated to University Students!


No Matter What Your Major – your future will be affected by the kind of government we have.


In recent history students in many nations have led their people to important changes.


In 2016 all of us who vote will be deciding whether we want the current government of KILLING – or – A NEW government of CARING!





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